Out now : The way things turn out

I am delighted that Dreamspinner Press have published my short story, "The Way Things Turn Out", as part of their Mended 'Daily Dose' in June.

"After a serious crash during testing, sports car driver Alan accompanies his injured teammate, Nathan, to the hospital, promising his boss he’ll stay until Nathan’s next of kin can be reached. 
Former F1 test driver Nathan was a recent addition to the team, and he and Alan were not on the best of terms. Waiting for Nathan to regain consciousness gives Alan time to think back over the recent races and the ups and downs of their relationship. 
Even when Nathan wakes up, Alan remains by his side at the hospital. Nathan is still keeping secrets and needs help more than he's willing to admit. If they can trust each other, it might open the door to an attraction both assumed was one-sided.

Available now on Dreamspinner Press