Thank you for reading !

I have to admit I've been feeling rather down about Track Limits,  after a number of reviews that didn't like it, partly because it isn't a conventional romance ... and I admit I never set out to write a romance, I wanted to write a book about motorsport, and it ended up with a love story mixed in.  

But yesterday I read such a lovely review from a reader on Amazon that I wish I could thank them in person.  To think that someone might actually pay more attention to motorsport thanks to my book, even to the point of looking at Eurosport to try and find some coverage (not exactly the best time of the year for it...), that someone loved my secondary characters too (yes, I'm writing more about Mika and Matteo...), and accepted that the book was - different - but still enjoyed it - well, it did me a lot of good.  Thank you so much !