Musings on reviews and other things

First book, Track Limits,  written and published, check.  It feels both exciting and absolutely terrifying. Some people have read it and liked it, with some reviews that delighted me.  And of course, others didn’t.  Perfectly normal, not everyone will like the same things. 

But it’s the criticisms for things that I never even knew existed that I find difficult.  Like being told it’s not a proper romance.  There’s not enough about the main characters falling in love, not enough of their internal voices.

When I started writing ‘Track Limits’, under a totally different name, I wasn’t really thinking much beyond the story I wanted to tell.  A story inspired by something I’d encountered at the track that inspired me to get writing again.

I wanted to tell a love story, but I wanted it to be incidental to the racing, to the life in the paddock, to the team.

I think I achieved that, but it’s definitely not a traditional love story, where everything is about the relationship.  I’ll be the first to admit there’s more about racing in there than there is about love. 

I’ve also noticed from reviews – and I love them, so very grateful that people have taken time to write such nice things – that the decision to put the glossary at the front seems to have put some people off.  I’d originally put it at the back, but was advised that it might not be found until it was too late.  Oh well, too late now. 

I’m so sorry that some people didn’t enjoy Track Limits  and didn’t find what they expected from it.  It was the book I wanted to write, that I’d been trying to write, in my mind at least, for years, and it turned out the way I wanted.  No, it’s not a  proper romance.  But I don’t know what other category it could have been described as.  There’s no real category of  ‘motorsport love stories’.  I wish there were !  And I wish that I could bring this one to the attention of people I think would like it…  like all those who have written F1 slash over the years.


Book 2 and book 3 are now well underway.  I’m worried about book 2, as I’ve heard that people want new relationships, not an established one.  And I have more to write about Mark and Jordan.  Book 3 starts off with two young F3 drivers, but Mark and Jordan will have to come to the rescue before long.