Countdown to publication

"Track Limits" will be printed on December 27th, in just a few days time.  But this book has been a very, very long time in getting to this stage.

In fact, it began very nearly 20 years ago, when I started writing a science-fiction story, the background of which was 'Formula One in Space'.   A friend suggested that I should get behind the scenes at a race track to gain some background information.  But once I took her up on that suggestion, I became rapidly sucked into the motorsport world.  Returning to my teenage ambitions of being a sports journalist, I spent nearly fifteen years writing articles,  press releases, race reports and news stories.  It wasn't until a change of direction curtailed my writing that the fictional motorsport world began to take over again.

I started to write Track Limits  in late 2011, and finished it in 2013, and was persuaded to send it in, and was both astonished and delighted when Dreamspinner Press decided to publish it.

I just wanted to clarify a few things.  The characters are all fictional and are not meant to represent any drivers, past or present.  If anyone thinks they recognise someone, or any specific details,  please rest assured it is entirely unintentional.   The circuits are real, and I've tried to keep true to the reality.  The cars all exist.  But the series, the races, the organisation and, last but not least, the teams and drivers, are all a product of my imagination.